The Zips

Each year college men and women are “rushed” by the four dental fraternities. The professional fraternity system is “Greek” in more ways than one to many “rushees,” and most of them have questions. Xi Psi Phi prepared this information sheet and sincerely hopes you will consider Xi Psi Phi Fraternity so we may share with you our many benefits of membership.

What Is A Fraternity?

A professional fraternity is a Greek-letter organization bound by persons who voluntarily pledge themselves to a ritual and a declaration of principles. They assist one another to live in harmony and work industriously to honorably fulfill their high ideals and obligations.

A fraternity’s purpose is to help develop men and women by promoting good, sound conduct and a sense of responsibility by creating an atmosphere that stimulates intellectual progress and achievement. Xi Psi Phi is noted for promoting intellectual, moral and fellowship virtues among dental students and after they enter the practice of their profession.

What Can A Fraternity Give Me?
Fraternity life offers tangible and intangible aspects. On the concrete side, a fraternity encourages scholastic, social and professional development of the individual. It is an asset to the building of a successful practice. It promotes intellectual business relations with its members. It provides an avenue of contacts that cannot be found elsewhere.

On the intangible side, the fraternity increases an awareness of social life. It offers better adjustment to dental education. It teaches cooperative living and practical democracy. It also furnishes the ideals and characteristics that bring about the fullest human development.

How Much Will It Cost?
Cost of fraternity membership varies from campus to campus and from group to group. In most of the other professional fraternities, members pay local dues and another dues to the national chapter. In Xi Psi Phi, college students pay local dues but do not pay dues to the Supreme Chapter. A special fund covers these dues for each College Chapter member. Xi Psi Phi has a standard pledge and initiation fee but no other fee is ever required, except that each member is asked to contribute annual alumni dues to the Supreme Chapter within one full year after graduation. There is no charge to receive the Xi Psi Phi Quarterly while in dental school.

For What Should I Look?
You will find fraternities that boast that every member is a varsity letter winner or that every member is an “A” student. These groups usually ensure their standings by pledging only men and women proficient in such things. Whereas the members do have a common vital interest, there tends to be a limited amount of new idea exchanges on other subjects.

A fraternity that can say its members represent every walk of life and activity is to be preferred to many others. However, the major criterion by which a fraternity should be judged is, “Is this the group into which my personality will best fit?”

What Will Be My Pledge Duties?

Years ago the common conception of pledgehood envisioned it as a time of mild torture during which the pledge’s chief virtue was complete humility. Today the pledge period is a probationary period that allows the pledge to determine whether the chapter has compatible members. Pledging gives everyone a chance to become better acquainted and to prove their willingness to develop a cooperative effort that will benefit the fraternity.

What About Hazing?
The instinct of self-preservation brings forth the question of hazing. This depends on the fraternity and traditions of the campus. Xi Psi Phi believes the most good to be received by a pledge is mainly through “disciplining” oneself. Therefore hazing has no place in a professional fraternity. Any Xi Psi Phi chapter found guilty of such activity may face loss of its charter.

Xi Psi Phi: A Friendly Fraternity
Xi Psi Phi has presented this information in the hope that it will answer some of the most-asked questions pertaining to professional fraternities.