Supreme President David M. Grogan, DDS

Supreme President Randy Gurrola, DDS

Good Afternoon Fellow ZIP Family Members & Friends:

It is truly a pleasure and honor to serve as you President for the next biennium.  It is an honor to follow the great Presidents of the past.  My term did not start off as I and the Board had wished.  After extensive planning for the annual convocation in Dallas the nation was shut down secondary to the spread of COVID-19

This infectious disease has had a significant impact on all of us; alumni in their practices, students trying to get into the clinic and our elderly alumni who need to be especially cautious with this disease.  I have a hard time understanding the concept of a “new normal”, this is definitely not normal.  Normal is when our members can gather for friendship and fellowship and provide the necessary mentoring our newer members need.  I have all the faith in our scientist and physicians to neutralize this infectious disease sooner than later. 

Hopefully in the very near future this disease will be under control and our Xi Psi Phi members can once again gather in the name of this great fraternity for friendship and fellowship.  We need to remain resilient through these troubling times so the “old normal” can be reestablished.  If there is anything that the supreme chapter can do for you please let us know, we are here to serve our member chapters.  


David M. Grogan, DDS


PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS included in the Quarterly Summer 2020 issue
Supreme Chapter Board of Directors Meeting
Alton, Illinois