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Supreme President Fabio Apolito, DDS

Welcome to the Xi Psi Phi Board of Directors meeting.  I would like to thank all in attendance for their effort to join us in Chicago.  Many of you have traveled a great distance to be here and I thank you.  This is a truly excellent group and the heart of the fraternity.


I would like to take a moment to remember Carl Sebelius.  Carl was our Supreme Editor, Past President, and above all a great friend.  He left us this month and will be remembered as an amazing man who lived for the fraternity.  He had a personality that was one of a kind and knew our by-laws from memory.  Carl will live forever in our hearts.  We also take a moment to wish our immediate past president, Randy Parmlee, well as he fights his own battle.  He is truly missed today, but I have no doubt we will see him soon and he will have us laughing as always. 


Keith, Randy, and myself attended the Interfraternity Council meeting in Denver.  A meeting at which I was appointed treasurer of the IFC.  We learned that all the fraternities face the same problems we do.  In fact, we almost dissolved the IFC at the meeting.  It’s clear that the dental fraternity system is in trouble.  The world has changed and our value has gone down in the eyes of students (ie. exams, social, pre-clinic, etc.).  We need to change, and will, to continue as a very valuable part of dental education.  Our primary mission clearly needs to be increased alumni dues collection.  Alumni dues are the lifeblood of the fraternity and it cannot survive without the generosity of our alums. 


We are moving toward using PayPal to pay dues and even have digital Quarterly issues.  We have a great web presence on Facebook and our website.  We will welcome all student input on these matters as they have a better grasp of the subject.  I have initiated work on an alumni database that will be accessible on the website.  I consider this vital to providing help for Zips when they graduate, as it will help them locate local alumni that can guide or even employ them.  It will also keep alumni members in touch among other things. 

Together we will move forward toward a different, but better future as a fraternity.  The dynamics have changed but our friendship, core message, and purpose certainly have not. 



PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS delivered on Friday April 7, 2017
Supreme Chapter Board of Directors Meeting
Chicago, Illinois