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Supreme President Fabio Apolito, DDS

As my time as Xi Psi Phi Supreme Chapter President comes to an end I wanted to thank everyone for helping me achieve my goals for the fraternity and share some highlights of the last two years. I have particularly enjoyed meeting our future dentists as they always give me hope and confidence in the future of our amazing profession.  I can honestly say the future is very bright. To our students and recent graduates, I would like to add that board members and alumni are always available to help you on your journey and we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have.  We have a fantastic board and alumni who are dedicated to your success and their advice will be of great value in your careers. 


My tenure turned out to have some unforeseen transitions.  We sadly lost our Supreme Editor, Dr. Carl Sebelius.  Carl was a great man and we had big shoes to fill.  It was with great pleasure that Dr. Anne-Lise Fink accepted my nomination to the position.  She is doing a tremendous job and continuing our color and digital Quarterly with her distinct work ethic and talent for publishing.  Our next challenge will be to replace the virtually irreplaceable. Dr. Keith Dickey is stepping down as Supreme Secretary-Treasurer, after many years as the backbone of the fraternity, and we continue our daunting search for a capable replacement.  We are thankful that he, and his wife Peg, will continue in the interim until a successor is found. 


Our college chapters continue to thrive and have some incredible events and charities.  We are a growing fraternity and I could not be more proud of the students.  There are many alumni chapters that continue to flourish and I ask that we all continue to support them as well.  We must also continue to pay our dues as this money has helped the fraternity remain in existence.  It is the alumni dues that allow us to have the Supreme Assembly and allow students to meet, exchange ideas, and keep the young spirit of the ZIPS alive.  In the end it is all about the students and helping them thrive.  I thank all that have supported us so generously this past year, you are the reason for our success.  I encourage you to ask your fellow ZIPS brothers and sisters to contribute as well. 


I would like to thank you all for the great honor of serving you as Supreme Chapter President.  This is hardly a good-bye as I will continue to proudly serve as a board member and work tirelessly for the ideals and goals of the fraternity.  The fraternity is now in the capable hands of Dr. Randy Gurrola and an incredibly strong board.  We will continue to build on our success and keep Xi Psi Phi as the top dental fraternity. 




Fabio G. Apolito D.M.D



PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS included in the Quarterly Spring 2018 issue
Supreme Chapter Board of Directors Meeting
Chicago, Illinois